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Voltage Tester With Different Standard Voltage
- Apr 23, 2018 -

And corresponding to different standards depending on the type of withstand voltage tester, test voltage is also different, for general manufacturers choose communication 5 kv and 6 kv dc withstand voltage tester can basically meet the requirements, but for some special inspection agencies or the manufacturer's test, in order to respond to different product standards requirements, you may need to choose to use to 10 kv and 20 kv ac or dc products. Therefore, the output voltage can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is also the basic requirement of the pressure tester.

In order to understand the product insulation performance, in the product design, structure, and insulation materials, these have corresponding norms or standards. Usually manufacturers use different methods to check or detect. But for electrical product, there is a kind of testing must be carried out, that is - electric strength Test (Dielectric Withstand Test), sometimes referred to as Hipot Test or Withstand voltage Test and high pressure Test, electric strength Test and so on. The insulation performance of general products; It can be reflected by the electrical strength test.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of pressure testers on the market. For manufacturers, it is more and more important how to save the cost and their own needs.

The voltage test instrument is composed of the error of the transformer and the error of the secondary indicator (voltmeter). In general, the measurement USES the triding power standard transformer (standard voltage mutual inductor, standard current transformer) with high accuracy, usually above 0.5 level. If the accuracy ratio of the transformer is above two levels, its error is negligible. In addition to the error factor, the voltmeter with the supporting transformer should meet the following two conditions:

1. The measuring range of the voltmeter is as consistent with the rated secondary voltage of the transformer;

2. The total impedance of the voltmeter shall be within the rated allowable range of the transformer.

Reminder: the voltage transformer method is only suitable for measuring ac voltage.

Withstand voltage tester is mainly used for all kinds of electric equipment, insulation materials and structure of the ability to withstand voltage test, the pressure tester can adjust the size of the test voltage, and breakdown current can be set.

The pressure Test of the production line, known as Routine Test, is based on different products, including ac withstand Test and dc voltage withstand Test. Obviously, ac withstand test must consider whether the frequency of pressure test is consistent with the working frequency of the measured object; Therefore, the type of test voltage can be selected flexibly, and the flexible selection of ac voltage frequency is the basic function of the pressure tester.