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Understand The New Trend Of Measurement Technology And Instrument Development
- Apr 23, 2018 -

In today's era, represented by the Internet the rapid development of computer network and related technology is increasingly perfect, break through the limit of time and space and geographical barriers, traditional methods of communication to make a broader range of communication is easy, the Internet has the hardware and software resources are applied in more and more fields, such as e-commerce, online education, remote medical treatment, remote data acquisition and control, remote real-time call high-grade measurement instruments and equipment resources, remote fault diagnosis of equipment, and so on. At the same time, high performance, high reliability, low cost of gateway, router, Repeaters, and network interface chip network interconnection equipment such as continuous improvement, and convenience of Internet, different types of interconnection between the measurement and control network, enterprise network. Use of the existing Internet resources and does not need to set up special topology network, make a measurement and control network, the enterprise internal network and their interconnection with the Internet is very convenient, it is established for measurement and control network widely and used to pave the way.

In February 1999, Jini software technology came out. Jini software technology to make all kinds of electrical equipment, measuring instruments and using JAVA chip devices can be connected to the Internet, the Jini software along with to the JAVA language to write simple procedures, can make any equipment connected to the Internet to realize its function at the same time, also for other equipment to use.

The emergence of network technology is and will greatly change the various aspects of people's life. Specific to the measurement test, measurement and control technology and instrument, microcomputer instrument of networking, high-grade equipment and measurement information of the regional, national and even global resources sharing, all levels of measurement standard cross-regional implementation of direct digital traceability, remote data acquisition and measurement and control, remote fault diagnosis of equipment, electricity, water, gas, heat, such as automatic meter reading, etc., is a network technology progress and the inevitable result of the comprehensive intervention which play a key role.

The application of microcomputerized instrument, such as bus instrument and virtual instrument, makes it easier to set up centralized and distributed measurement and control system. But the centralized measurement and control is more and more cannot satisfy the complex, remote (long distance) and the large range of measurement and control task requirements, to form a networked measurement and control system is very necessary, and the continuing escalation of computer hardware and software technology and progress, and gives a measurement and control network is more and more excellent technical conditions.