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There Are Two Main Types Of Dc Stabilized Circuit.
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Now realize the dc voltage circuit has two types, one kind is the traditional transformer as core decompression, additional linear power supply voltage regulator circuit, one kind is popular to work in the electronic circuit of switch power supply of switch state. Both types of power supply have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of linear power supply is that the ripple is easy to control, the circuit is simple and easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that it is bulky and requires the use of transformers and large-capacity capacitors, and the conversion efficiency is not high. The advantages of switching power supply are small size, light weight, high conversion efficiency, and no need to use expensive transformers and large capacitance.

The disadvantage is that the circuit structure is more complex, the maintenance is difficult, inevitably there is the switch frequency interference, the ripple is difficult to control. Now with the mature of switch power supply technology and metal prices rising (making transformer requires a lot of copper wire), the traditional linear power supply cost advantage is more and more small, large current output switching power supply price advantage is more and more obvious. Now many digital products and electronic products with small external power supply gradually replaced by a light switch power supply.

For amateur radio operators, selection of power supply in addition to guarantee enough supply of low voltage direct current (dc), also need to maintain a low ripple and high frequency interference, cannot let the power of shortwave substantial interference with radio reception caused by a. The characteristics of the traditional transformer linear power supply meet the needs of this aspect, so many old HAM recommend the traditional linear power supply. However, the current communication switching power supply can effectively suppress interference and achieve the standard of communication power by filtering and shielding. Many stations are equipped with power supply and built-in power supply, so they can be used for short wave communication.

It has been proved that the ultra-short wave U/V band interphone is not high enough for the power supply, and some of the power supply from the second-hand computer switching power supply can also provide a good power supply for the on-board intercom. In addition, the protection circuit of switching power supply is more considerate, including overpressure, overcurrent protection and internal fault detection. Internal if fail, then stop the output, in case of damage to electrical equipment, and if there is no special additional ordinary linear regulated power supply circuit, the adjustment of pipe was breakdown after short circuit, it is easy to high output voltage. Many HAM have a linear power supply expansion tube fault that causes voltage to rise and damage the radio experience.

It is easy to distinguish between the switching power supply and the linear power supply. Besides the product description, see if there is a large transformer inside the power supply. The main transformer of linear power supply is large and heavy, which often occupies most of the power supply, and the transformer used in switching power supply is much smaller. The switching power supply of the same power output grade is much lighter than the linear power supply.

Switching power supply is the direction of power supply development. The normal quality switching power supply should meet EMC standard, although the design cost will be higher, but EMI is effectively suppressed. In addition to the high demand for the ripple wave, users can consider the selection of linear power supply. For ordinary applications, switching power supply should be a better choice.

The ripple is an important parameter for the performance of the dc power supply, and the well-known manufacturers will provide the technical data truthfully, which can be used as a horizontal comparison. Users can also easily measure the ripple voltage of dc power supply through oscilloscope. It is important to note that the ripples in the same power supply are usually different under different loads, and the general measured ripple is in full load. In actual tests and applications, ripple is allowed, as long as it meets the standard. In fact, both the linear power supply and the switching power supply must have ripple, but the size is different. By means of various means, it is only possible to suppress the ripple, and the dc power supply of true zero-ripple wave can only be provided by the battery.