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Inspection Method Of Pressure Tester.
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Withstand voltage tester is a measuring instrument for crushing strength, it can be intuitive, accurate, fast, reliable test of the breakdown voltage of the object to be tested, such as leakage current electrical safety performance indicators, and can be used as a high voltage source is used to test components and the whole machine performance. The product line of pressure tester is designed according to international and domestic safety standards such as IEC, CSA, UL and JIS, and the range of voltage withstand output is 1kV ~ 5kV, and the leakage current test range is 0 ~ 20mA. Suitable for all kinds of household electrical appliances, power supply switches, wires and cables, transformers, terminal blocks, high-pressure bakelite electric appliances, electrical, medical, chemical industry, instruments and meters, etc., as well as the safety of the system pressure and leakage current test, at the same time also is indispensable to the research laboratory, technical supervision departments pressure test equipment.

Withstand voltage tester is a regulation ac or dc high voltage on the electric charged part (general shell) and the live part to check electrical insulation between the can withstand the ability to withstand voltage test. Electrical appliances in the long-term work, not only inherit the rated working voltage of the role, but also cause a short period of time in the process of operation under higher than the rated working voltage of the overvoltage function (overvoltage value may be higher than the rated working voltage of several times). Under the action of these voltages, the internal structure of the electrical insulating material will change. When the overvoltage intensity reaches a certain value, the insulation of the material will be broken through, the electrical appliances will not operate normally, and the operator may be electrocuted and endanger the personal safety.

Operation steps of pressure tester:

1. Press the high pressure select range, then press the "start" switch, adjust the voltage to 1800V, and press the "reset" button. The breakdown current is 5mA.

2. Clamp the low pressure end of the pressure tester to the pole of the test, and the high voltage end and the plug are short.

3. Press the "start" switch to observe whether to call the alarm. After 3s, the device will automatically finish the work.

4. After the high pressure gauge indicates 0, withdraw sample.

5. Distinguish quality from nonconforming product.

6. During testing, the specimen must be insulated from the earth.

7. When testing, repeat 5~9 operations.

8. Operation check of pressure tester: turn the high voltage regulation knob counterclockwise to zero. 5 ma, turning on the power supply current, using 300 k Ω standard resistance, measured resistance to connect the power cord plug socket, press the start button, instruments to adjust the voltage, when the 0-1400 - v, instrument is not for the police, when the adjustment to more than 1400, instruments shall be issued a warning sound, normal equipment function: it is not normal

9. When the instrument fails, the product from this operation inspection to the last operation inspection cannot be made out of the factory. It must wait for the instrument to be calibrated and re-examined before entering the warehouse.

10. The operation inspection must be checked every day before the start of work and before the end of the afternoon.

Withstand voltage tester can be widely used in electronic components, household appliances, transformers, instrumentation, lighting, electric tool, electric heater, computer, information of the machine safety comprehensive tester. The pressure tester is equipped with PLC interface, RS232C, and optional RS485 interface, USB device, USB Host and GPIB, which can easily communicate with PC and remote control to form automatic test system.