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what is the linear dc power supply
- May 29, 2018 -
According to the adjustment of the working state of the tube, we often divide the power supply into two categories: linear regulator power supply and switching regulator power supply. In addition, there is a small power supply that uses a Zener. The linear regulated power supply mentioned here refers to a direct-current regulated power supply whose regulating tube operates in a linear state. Adjusting the tube to work in a linear state can be understood as such: RW (see analysis below) is continuously variable, ie linear. In the switching power supply is not the same, switching (in the switching power supply, we generally call the adjustment tube is called the switch) is working in the open and close two states: open - resistance is small; off - resistance is very Big. The tube working in the on-off state is obviously not linear. The linear regulated power supply is a type of DC regulated power supply used earlier. Linear regulated DC power supply is characterized by: the output voltage is lower than the input voltage; the response speed is fast, the output ripple is small; the noise generated by the work is low; the efficiency is low (the LDO is often seen to solve the efficiency problem) Large heat output (especially high power supply) indirectly adds thermal noise to the system.