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what is Regulated power supply
- May 17, 2018 -

regulated power supply is an embedded circuit; it converts unregulated AC into a constant DC. With the help of a rectifier it converts AC supply into DC. Its function is to supply a stable voltage (or less often current), to a circuit or device that must be operated within certain power supply limits. The output from the regulated power supply may be alternating or unidirectional, but is nearly always DC (Direct Current).

The type of stabilization used may be restricted to ensuring that the output remains within certain limits under various load conditions, or it may also include compensation for variations in its own supply source. The latter is much more common today.


Charge batteries, PCB board manufacturing industry

LED products, motors and dc fans test

Electrofacing, electrolyzation, electronic components ageing

Laboratory , Electronic equipment , Automatic Test Equipment 

All other occasions need to use DC Power Supply