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The operation of linear dc power supply is summarized
- Apr 23, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the linear dc power supply can avoid unnecessary troubles.

1) voltage setting: turn on the dc power switch, adjust the voltage knob, and adjust the voltage reading to the required work cable. When the voltage is reduced, the potentiometer should be moved slowly to adjust the speed of the voltage meter to the speed of the hand knob.

2) constant current setting: the load is connected, and the current regulator is adjusted to the minimum. Turn on the dc power supply and adjust the current to the desired current value.

3) voltage protection value set: spin to maximum voltage protection knob first, will be transferred to the required output voltage protection value, and then slowly counterclockwise to adjust dc power supply voltage protection potentiometer, until the overvoltage protection dc power supply. Voltage protection value should be generally about 10% higher than the working voltage and so the output voltage is set to 1 0%, higher than the voltage required to slow voltage protection while reverse adjust potentiometer, until the overvoltage protection dc power supply.

4) current alarm value set: first the current alarm knob screw to maximum, and the output current to set the alarm value, and then slowly counterclockwise to adjust current alarm potentiometer, send out sound and light alarm until the power supply.

5) the instantaneous pulse of the voltmeter reading occurs when the current power supply is switched on or off the load, which is normal.

6) after shutdown, if you need to re-open the dc power supply, please wait for a moment. Do not switch the power frequently, otherwise the power supply may be damaged.

7) check the fuse first if there is no output from the power supply during use. If you burn the fuse several times, it indicates that the dc power supply may fail, and the professional maintenance personnel should be repaired.

8) set automatic tripping function to protect other components and load in dc power supply. Power supply automatic trip occurred during normal use means that the power supply may have trouble, should first time this happens to turn it off, the voltage to protect knob (should not be twisted voltage adjusting knob), the largest to boot, such as or tripping, means that the dc power supply needs to be repaired.