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Linear power supply advantage and disavantage
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Linear dc power supply advantage and disavantage

Advantage:The structure is relatively simple, the output ripple is small, the high frequency interference is small.Results the biggest advantage brought by the simplicity is the convenience of maintenance. The difficulty of maintaining a linear power source is much lower than that of a switching power source, and the success rate of maintenance of a linear power source is much higher than that of a switching power source.Ripple is the ac component superimposed on the dc stability.The smaller the output ripple, the higher the purity of dc output, which is an important sign of the quality of dc power supply.High ripple direct current will affect the normal operation of the transceiver.At present, the ripple of high-grade linear power can reach the level of 0.5mV, and the general product can reach the level of 5mV.The linear power supply does not have devices that work at high frequencies so if the input filtering is done well there is almost no high frequency interference/high frequency noise.

Disavantage:Need large and bulky transformer, the required the volume and weight of the filter capacitor is also quite big, and the voltage feedback circuit is working in linear state, adjust the tube voltage drop to a certain extent, on the work in a larger output current, which adjust the tube power consumption is too large, conversion efficiency is low, and install a lot of heat sink.This kind of power supply is not suitable for the needs of computers and other equipment and will be replaced by switching power gradually.