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Introduction of dc power supply technology standard
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Power system dc operation power supply is an important field of power supply technology. As technology advances, the dc operation power supply has experienced the phased rectifier, nickel battery dc insulation panel to control valve sealed lead acid battery, high frequency switch rectifier module, the change of microcomputer monitoring technology. This technological progress makes the dc power supply system in China's power industry updated, and makes a contribution to the safe and reliable operation of the power grid.

Overview of technical standards for dc power supply.

State grid corporation of dc power supply technical standards (hereinafter referred to as enterprise standard) is a standard of state grid corporation production equipment management, improve the level of the operation of the power transmission and transformation equipment, the dc power supply equipment in recent 5 years, on the basis of assessment and consultation on the basis of electric power industry standard DL/T459-2000 "technical conditions of power system dc power supply cabinet order and related battery technology, electromagnetic compatibility test, dc system design procedures such as standard of national standard, power industry, power production equipment evaluation measures for the administration of state grid corporation, dc power system accident prevention measures, work on strengthening power production and technical supervision opinions and other documentation. The technical conditions, ordering, supervision, factory acceptance, site acceptance, field installation and test methods of the equipment of the dc system are put forward.

Power industry standard DL/T459-2000 "technical conditions of power system dc power supply cabinet order is in the power industry organization of cadmium nickel dc panel joint design, microcomputer control dc power supply cabinet design, as a result of the power electronic products update, the rapid development of the dc power supply device technology, the need for unattended substation, in 1999 by the high voltage switch equipment standardization technical committee of the electric power industry are put forward and focal points, China electric power research institute institute of high voltage switch responsible for drafting and implementation in January 2001. Dc power supply system mainly consists of the main nanchong electrical device (converter or rectifier), accumulator and dc feed. So the standard is the battery, power electronic technology, semiconductor converter, low-voltage switchgear and control equipment, electromagnetic compatibility test, dc system design technical regulation of national standard, the power industry standards as the basis, combining with the electric power industry development needs. The electric power industry standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, packing and storage conditions of the dc power supply cabinet.

National standard of CB/T19826-2005 "electric power project general technical article assorted dc power supply and safety requirements" is put forward by measuring relays and protection equipment standardization technical committee and under centralized, national quality supervision and inspection center of relay is responsible for the drafting process. This standard is based on the national standard of battery, relay, emc test, dc system design technical regulation, etc. This standard belongs to manufacturing standards, should by the national low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment standardization technical committee (tianjin) or the national power electronic technology standardization technical committee (xi 'an) is put forward in this paper under centralized, xian by the tianjin electric drive design institute or the drafting of power electronic technology research institute. And now is the national relay quality supervision of the yu inspection center is responsible for drafting. As standards did not tianjin electric drive design research institute, xi 'an power electronic technology research institute, China electric power research institute to attend, so cause the standard technical requirements under national mandatory standard and related professional and technical requirements.

For stable cross dc power system with power grid companies management specification, because of the above factors, the current implementation of the power industry standard DL/T459-2000 "technical conditions of power system dc power supply cabinet order and in July 2006 will be the implementation of the national standard GB/T19826-2005" electric power project general dc power supply technical and safety requirements "and" standard of state grid corporation of dc power technology "(hereinafter referred to as' standard) compares the corresponding technical requirements, are the following sections.