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Introduction and application of dc power supply
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Dc power supply is often used in current social production. This paper briefly introduces dc power supply and application field.

Nowadays, people enjoy the convenience of electronic equipment greatly, but any electronic equipment has a common circuit -- power circuit. Large to supercomputers, small to pocket calculators, all electronic devices must be supported by the power circuit to work properly. It can be said that the power circuit is the basis of all electronic equipment, and there will not be such a wide variety of electronic devices without power circuit. Due to the characteristics of electronic technology, the requirement of electronic equipment for power supply circuit is that it can provide continuous and stable energy to meet the load requirements.

Linear dc regulated power supply, dc power supply is also called for dc power supply at the time of work adjustment tube has been in the linear range of amplification, so compared with switching power supply, dc power supply to work won't produce electromagnetic radiation, will not cause interference to the power grid and other equipment.

There are many kinds of dc power supply, which can be divided into stable voltage supply, steady flow power supply, set stability and steady flow. The output value can be divided into several kinds of adjustable point output power, band switch adjustment and potentiometer. The output indicators can be divided into pointer type, digital LED display type and LCD display type, etc. From the control points can be simulated on the adjustment, nc adjustable and can be connected to the computer's advanced programmable, and no matter what kind of way can make it more easily, output continuous adjustable from 0 to the maximum.

Dc power core part USES the high accuracy, low drift operational amplifier, junction temperature compensation of the benchmark voltage source, the fluctuation of the input power source (mains) and load jump has very strong inhibition ability, can do it perfect for slight drift adjustment, compared with the switching power supply with low ripple (< 1 MVRMS).

Additional dc power supply has the perfect protection circuit, overload and short circuit, apply to pure resistance, pure emotion, pure capacitive, pulse and other mixed type of load, because the linear dc regulated power supply with high stability, and reliability, so widely used in various industries, is the vast number of electronic engineers best choice.

The application of dc power supply is widely used in national defense, scientific research, communication, and colleges and universities. Industrial and mining enterprises, electrolysis, electroplating, dc motors, capacitors, charging equipment and other fields have applications, as well as electronic appliances for debugging and maintenance.