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how to use oscilloscope
- Jun 03, 2018 -

Using the step

(1) presetting: rotate the brightness knob to the bottom counterclockwise, move the vertical and horizontal positions to the middle, and set the attenuation at the highest level.

(2) turn on the power again, and wait for one or two minutes after the indicator light is on for preheating before relevant operation;

(3) first adjust the brightness, then focus, and then adjust the horizontal and vertical displacement so that the light spot is in the proper area in the center;

(4) adjust scanning, scanning fine tuning and X gain, and observe scanning;

(5) unplug the outer X file to the appropriate position in the scanning range, and observe the voltage waveform of the vertical direction provided by the machine in accordance with the law of sines and cosines;

(6) to study the applied voltage input and Y will indirectly into the oscilloscope, adjust the file to the appropriate location, can be observed that the voltage waveform (image changes with time) (the synchronous polarity switch can make the starting point of the image from the positive half cycle or negative half cycle;

(7) if you want to observe the vertical deviation of the bright spot (such as when applied with a constant current voltage), you can adjust the scanning to the "external X" file.

(different oscilloscopes may operate differently)