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How to improve the efficiency of dc switching power supply?
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Dc switching power supply is a kind of power supply which USES modern power electronic technology to control the opening and closing time ratio of switch tube and maintaining stable output voltage. Due to high efficiency and high power density, the use of dc switching power supply in modern electronic system is becoming more and more popular. High frequency, modularization and intellectualization of dc switching power supply are the development direction. It is one of the intelligent research directions of dc switching power supply.

How to improve the efficiency of dc switching power supply is very important. In improving the efficiency of dc switching power supply, the following measures are taken.

1. The inductance in DC-DC converter system greatly affects the efficiency of the system. It is very difficult to buy the inductance that meets the requirements in the market, and the requirement of inductance core and enameled wire is very high when winding, and the output voltage ripple should be minimized.

2. The switch tube in dc-dc converter adopts MOS tube to replace the bipolar transistor, and the series gate resistance will attenuate the high frequency parasitic oscillation generated by the inductance of the MOS input capacitor and gate one source circuit. It can effectively improve the conversion efficiency, and can further improve the efficiency if several MOS transistors are used in parallel.

3. To select schottky diodes, short opening time and small pressure drop can make the inductor storage energy large, which is beneficial to improve the power conversion efficiency.

4. Diodes, inductors and MOS transistors are best equipped to be as close to welding as possible, which reduces loss and improves system efficiency.