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High performance high power dc power supply
- Apr 23, 2018 -

High performance high power dc power supply mainly has several requirements.

1. Low voltage coefficient: when the ambient temperature changes, the output voltage will drift. Good products should be in the environmental temperature change, effectively inhibit the drift of the output voltage, keep the stable output voltage, output voltage drift with temperature coefficient of KT. Due to the input voltage variation and the degree of the change of the output voltage, called stability index, commonly used voltage coefficient S to say: the size of the S, reflecting a regulated power supply's ability to overcome the input voltage changes. Under the same input voltage change conditions, the smaller the S, the smaller the change in the output voltage, and the higher the stability of the power supply.

2. Small output resistance: when the load changes (from empty to full load), the output voltage Usc should be basically unchanged. The performance of the voltage stabilizer can be characterized by the output resistance.

The output resistance (also called equivalent internal resistance) is represented by rn, which is equal to the ratio of the change in output voltage to the change in the load current. When rn reflects load changes, the output voltage remains constant, and the smaller the rn, the smaller the change in output voltage when the Ifz changes. Good performance of power, output resistance can be small to 1 o, or even 0.01 o.

3. Good stability: when the input voltage Usr (rectifier, filter output voltage) changes within the specified range, the change of the dc power output voltage Usc should be very small.

4. The output voltage ripple is small: the so-called ripple voltage is the ac component of the output voltage of 50 or 100 Hertz, which is usually expressed by effective value or peak value. After the stabilizing effect, the ripple voltage of the rectifier can be reduced greatly, and the ratio of the reduction is inversely proportional to the pressure coefficient S.

A simple way to meet the needs of a regular radio enthusiast. However, there are many "natural" defects in this power supply, and some improvements must be made to improve performance. From the following four right facing its performance to improve, it can be a practical value stabilized power supply. This is: increase the amplification link, improve the stability, make the output voltage adjustable; Adjust the tube with the compound tube to increase the output current; Increase the protection circuit, make the power supply work safe and reliable.